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Baccarat’s History

Players worldwide have found that Baccarat is the best game to let the cards speak for themselves.

Baccarat’s history goes back to the gambling salons of 14th century Italy and Francebut in just the last thirty yearsits rise in casinos throughout Asia and the United States have helped players to let their luck shine through.

Casino Bacc

Baccarat Players in Seattle

How Baccarat and luck work, and why it’s so good for the player:

Many players have chosen baccarat as their preferred game as it uniquely suits their cultural ideas of luck.

Bill Zender, a former casino dealer and executive, says “It’s a pure gambling game. Once the cards have been shuffled, cut and placed into the shoe, the cards speak for themselves.” We always like to let the cards speak for themselves since it is their story we are interested in.

The card’s order is set when the cards go into the shoe. The luck that flows through that shoe is preserved that way.

It is very important for the player’s luck to be preserved. We do not burn cards if the dealer makes errors, we always deal a dummy hand.

How high do the betting limits go?

Since players can bet large amounts of money, there is a great opportunity for them to win big playing baccarat.

At our casinos, our bets max out at $300 per hand, but players can play multiple hands.

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Good luck at the tables!

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